The "White Rabbit" NFT Range is a collection of 1945+ NFT's with a community focus. Each NFT has been individually designed. Launched on the Solana (SOL) Blockchain. We will be Executing an extensive multi-year Roadmap, The White Rabbit NFT Range strives for longevity, and will implement several strategies after the launch, gathering attention from the public and media after the collection is sold out. Join our community on Telegram today to be given early access to the range.  

Q4 ‘22 - Dynamic NFT’s x Yacht Club Launch Party (Location: Exuma Yacht Club, Georgetown, Exuma, The Bahamas) 

Q1 ’23 - Resurrection of “John McAfee’s Bitcoin Play” Launched via Google Play or through Metaverse Integration 

Q2 ’23 - "White Rabbit” Meta-Island development with an exact replica of John’s boat the “Great Mystery” 

Q3 ’23 - Meta-Island Launch Party hosted by John McAfee’s Avatar (Periodic themed events on the island)  

Q4 ’23 - Final engineering of John McAfee’s Avatar with GTP3 AI capabilities, RESURRECTION IN PROGRESS