John McAfee Avatar



Our John McAfee Avatar will be living on his Yacht accompanied by his Armed Security Guards. Holders of NFT's will be given a personal experience in the company of the man of legends himself. We are Resurrecting John McAfee.

          AI GTP3  Engineered

Ask John McAfee any question in person, our Avatar will be constantly learning and will adopt John's personality and traits. It will walk like John, talk like John. We hope he likes you! 

    MetaVerse  Yacht  &  Land 

Holders of Official John McAfee NFT's will all have access to our MetaVerse land including John's Yacht "The Great Mystery."  Members will be able to explore our Island and Yacht Club, and will also have access to exclusive VIP parties on the Yacht, hosted by John's Avatar. The Yacht has been designed and built as an exact replica of John's Yacht which he lived on in the Bahamas in 2019.