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"White Rabbit"

The Official Metaverse, Gaming and Artificial intelligence Project Authorised by the Late, Great, Immutable John McAfee.


Officially Launched in 2022 with a multi-year roadmap we have partnered with $WHACKD to ensure John’s legacy will never be silenced, this project is in honour of John, The Boss of Bosses. 
Join us in this Journey to resurrect John McAfee in the Metaverse with full AI GPT-3 Integration as we endeavour to celebrate John’s legacy in new and innovative ways. 




Vol 1 Mint - NFT Drop 

The Vol 1 Mint of White Rabbit NFT’s will be a collection of 1945+ unique, utility driven, dynamic NFT’s on the Solana (SOL) Blockchain, unlocking VIP Membership for all holders.

Early access to the collection will be available to all Whitelisted members, Join White Rabbit or $WHACKD on Telegram and request a Whitelist before we launch.


Annual NFT Launch Party @ The Exuma Yacht Club  

The Exuma Yacht Club - in the Bahamas - is the Official location for the Annual WHACKD x White Rabbit NFT Launch Party. 

Every year we will celebrate with a two-day event in Honor of John McAfee, with a Party Boat ready to cruise in his now Famous 2020 Presidential Campaign HQ Dock.


Metaverse Yacht & Land Development 

Holders of Official John McAfee NFT's will all have access to additional MetaVerse land including John's Yacht "The Great Mystery." 

Members will be able to explore our Island and Yacht Club, and will also have access to exclusive VIP parties on the Yacht, hosted by John's Avatar.

The Yacht has been designed and built as an exact replica of John's Yacht which he lived on in the Bahamas in exile, whilst Running for President of the United States in 2019.


John McAfee Avatar with Yacht Replica 

The John McAfee Avatar will live on his Yacht and be accompanied by his Armed Security Guards. Built with full AI GPT-3 Engineering the John McAfee Avatar will be trained to adopt Johns Personality Traits, Patterns of Speech, and seemingly thoughtful responses. Whilst aboard the Yacht with his Bodyguards, Ask John any question, his Avatar will be constantly learning and ever evolving.  It will walk, talk, and act just like John. We hope he likes you.





John McAfee’s Bitcoin Play 
As Part of the White Rabbit Roadmap the Fast-Paced Play-To-Earn Quiz Application, Narrated by John McAfee, the previously named “John McAfee's Bitcoin Play" will be resurrected and brought back to market with a focus on Updated UI, Enhanced UX, and a Cross-Chain reward system integrating $WHACKD as an in-game currency reward for players. 

After previously reaching a #3 Top Trending status on the Google Play Store we intend to relaunch the V2 Quiz Application as the world’s highest rewarding Play-To-Earn Game that has been developed to date.  

Test your acuity, against the clock, for the Weekly Rewarding Leader Board position as John either praises your intellect or curses your ineptitude. Designed for all ages to enjoy, with a +18 Version available, do you dare face Johns Judgement?

We will be inviting holders to participate in final beta-testing prior to release. All community feedback will be appreciated and considered. We intend to structure the game mechanics based upon the consensus of the community.


The Road Map

Made possible and authorized by the Boss of Bosses himself. 
Our Roadmap of Achievements and future milestones can be found below.



Q3 22’

 The $WHACKD x White Rabbit Partnership is Agreed & Announced.  


Q3 22’ 

The Community will be offered to Beta-Test the Play-To-Earn Quiz Application, voiced over by John McAfee, formerly named “John McAfee’s Bitcoin Play”. 


Q3 ‘22 

Vol 1 Mint - Utility Driven NFT Drop – Holding White Rabbit NFT’s unlocks ‘VIP Membership’. 



Q4 ’22 

The First Annual NFT Launch Party Event (Location: Exuma Yacht Club, Georgetown, Exuma, The Bahamas).



Q1 ’23

 Official Resurrection of the Play-To-Earn Quiz Application, formerly named “John McAfee’s Bitcoin Play”, in which $WHACKD will be Integrated into the games reward system.   



Q2 ’23

 Development of the Metaverse Island development is completed with an exact model replica of John’s Yacht the ‘Great Mystery’ ready to venture. 


Q3 ’23

 The First Metaverse Island Launch Party is hosted by John McAfee’s AI Driven Avatar.



Q4 ’23

 Final engineering of John McAfee’s Avatar with GPT-3 AI capabilities. 



Q4 ’23

 The Second Annual NFT Launch Party (Location: Exuma Yacht Club, Georgetown, Exuma, The Bahamas.

 The Team

The Boss of Bosses

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